About us

Sling true is the motivating mantra to bring this ring game and it’s potential to life! As a player it’s to bring your own power and potential to life.

Sling True’s mission is to empower through play. We do this by making high performance trick rings for both kids and adults. We offer safe rings that are also the most trickable in history. We also accomplish our mission by teaching the game in a way that can unlock it’s wisdom.
If successful, we hope to shine the best of the game out into the world and increase it’s knowledge base for future generations.

Thanks for checking out Sling True. I hope you benefit from the rings we offer and instructions found here!

A message by Kurt Alford
Founder of Sling True

 Kurt Testing a Prototype Sport Ring at Crater Lake National Park, OR

Welcome to Sling True

I care about your experience playing this game and want to give you the head start I didn’t have. I’d like to encourage you to contribute to this new and growing community of players. Sign up for the newsletter below to be notified of upcoming site expansions and community updates.
My entire story on how Sling True came to be can be found here - A Ring Story

About Building This Site

My greatest talent over the years is probably keeping a beginner’s mind. That’s how everything happened here at Sling True creatively and focus put it all together.

My journey to provide quality rings to the gaming community has taken me through a life course. I have found such fulfillment in playing the game and exploring its possibilities. It has helped define what is important in my life and how to live it right.

Playing the ring as a sport has brought me health, happiness and endless challenge. Then there is the mystery. Where did this come from and what is it’s true potential? That’s where I’ve been asked to step out and become a facilitator of the game’s evolution. That how I ended up here before you with a game to share and a means to teach it.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this game I've discovered.

Kurt Alford
December 1st 2018